hire program faqs

Anyone aged 18 years of age or older.

Contact McKenzie Music Etcetera and complete the application form sent to your phone.

Yes, 6 months. Unless you have purchased the equipment, you are required to continue renting for six months. After that period, you are welcome to return the equipment. If you choose to return the equipment during the minimum rental period, you will need to pay the balance of the rental charges of the minimum rental period.

Rental plans incur a one-off administration fee of $17.50 which is charged with your first rental payment.

During the course of your rental agreement, Studio19 will carry out such maintenance and repairs that they accept is required due to normal use to keep the equipment in proper working order. This is at no cost to you but does not include any consumables such as lubricants or reeds. If you believe that your equipment requires maintenance or repairs, please contact Studio 19's service team for an assessment of the problem.

This is included in your rental costs and covers instrument against fire; theft as a result of forcible entry; damage in a collision and malicious damage by a third party. Police reports may be required as evidence. MME will be soley responsible for determining if damage to an instrument is covered by the Instrument Protection Plan. The Plan does not cover accidental loss (e.g. left on a bus); damage (e.g. dropped the instrument); general wear and tear; or loss in transit (e.g. when being couriered to MME).

The product you have rented is valuable. Unless you have elected to take the optional protection plan (if offered in relation to your selected product) we suggest you think about insurance. You may be covered by your normal household contents insurance, but it would be advisable to check with your insurer.

Payments are debited on a set date each month from your nominated bank account or credit card (Mastercard or Visa). If the date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payments will be debited on the next day.

No, it will be ready to play.

Yes, you can apply to purchase at any time, even after 1 day. A comprehensive guide is included with your initial agreement showing values for each month for 36 months.

All rental instruments maintain their manufacturer's warranty and the balance will be transferred upon purchase.

You can return your instrument to McKenzie Music Etcetera or simply phone Studio 19's service team on 1300 858 911 and they will provide you contact details for their courier who will collect and return the instrument for a nominal fee.

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