D’Addario Organic Reserve Classic Clarinet Reeds Box 10


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Crafted with a longer vamp for flexibility of color and volume, the Reserve Classic Bb Clarinet reeds offer the depth of tone you're seeking for your instrument. These reeds contain squared tip corners for ease of response, plus a thicker tip for added support.
Reserve reeds are crafted using naturally-grown cane from D’Addario’s own fields in Argentina and France. They've pioneered the first practical, precise system to digitally measure and cut the incredibly complex geometrical patterns necessary to re-invent single reeds. This means all Reserve reeds are cut to the most exacting tolerances, offering the most consistent possible performance.
  • Box of 10 Reeds
  • Available in half strengths, from 2.0 to 4.5, with special 3.5+ and 4.0+ strengths
  • Ideal for the advancing student and professional looking for a clear, even sound

  • Orchestra
  • Classical
  • Solo

Available for sale in store individually for $8.00 each.


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