Kelly 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece


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KELLY Trumpet Mouthpieces are manufactured entirely from indestructible & comfortable Lexan material. And, coloured too!

KELLY Mouthpieces are designed by Kelly's professional staff to produce comfortable, easy-blowing mouthpieces. Their mouthpieces are identical to exacting standards.

Six cup sizes available.

KELLY - SCREAMER - The shallowest cup - Perfect for Lead-Trumpet

KELLY - PRO - KELLY's comfortable 3C rim & opened 1-1/2C backbore - for all Professionals

KELLY - 7C - KELLY's music-industry standard

KELLY - 5C - Patterned after the Bach series

KELLY - 3C - KELLY's version has a slightly larger throat diameter for richer tone

KELLY - 1-1/2C - Designed for symphonic players

*Colours may vary slightly from those on screen


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