Mighty Bright NuFlex Rechargeable Light


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Built for large pages and projects that need more light, the NuFlex® Rechargeable provides 35 lumens of warm white light via three energy-efficient LEDs. It provides a broad field of light that is clear, consistent, and easy on the eyes.

• Rechargeable (charges fully in 3 hours)

• 3 brightness levels with step-down dimming

• Battery life:  5 hours on high, 24 hours on low

• Precisely engineered optical grade lens spreads light evenly

•  Three energy efficient LEDs cast bright warm light

• Constructed of flexible and durable silicone and ABS plastic

• 8" Flexible neck

•  Charges in 3 hours with included micro USB cable

Its precision engineered optical grade lenses are specifically designed to distribute a wide field of consistent lighting with no hard edges. The precision lenses work in conjunction with High CRI LEDs (High Color Rendering Index LEDs) to provide better color rendering and even light output. Colors appear more vibrant and true, and with minimal optical distortion. You can also quickly adjust the light output to three different levels by clicking the button on the light head.

With a durable soft-touch silicone gooseneck and versatile strong-grip clip, the NuFlex® Rechargeable is ready for any task. The dimmable LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours and the battery can be charged in 3 hours by the included micro USB cable or by any standard micro USB cable and USB-compatible charging block (charging block not included).


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