NUVO Clarineo 2.0


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The Clarineo is an affordable starter instrument ideal for very young beginners and adults. The lightweight nature of the instrument will allow children to begin playing at around the age of six, giving them a  four or five year musical advantage. The Clarineo can be played comfortably by children as young as 6 or7, repair costs are negligible and progress is fast. It has the added benefit of using a plastic reed and clip in ligature saving time, effort and money.

The Clarineo is a step up from recorder and music teachers will be able to adapt to it very quickly. As the clarineo is in the key of C it will fit into any ensemble without the added stress of transposing and will add a warm mellow tone to the group. This is an invaluable instrument for a schools music department.

  • Light and easy to manage
  • Three octave range from E to G
  • No overhaul or repairs costs
  • Key work is made of Delrin – completely waterproof, no re-padding costs
  • In the key of C so will easily play along with normally pitched instruments; guitar, piano, flute, violin, recorder etc.
  • Enables children to take up additional instruments that use the same or similar mechanism and fingering, such as the clarinet and saxophone
  • Perfect ergonomics for youngsters – hence they start off with correct holding and posture rather than acquiring bad habits in trying to compensate for their young bodies having to master an instrument designed for adults
  • Great for kids and adults

Available in Black with silver trim, White and Blue, White and Green and White and Pink

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