Pearl 525E1RF Quantz Advanced Student Flute


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The Pearl PF525 is one of the best options available for a student seeking a quality flute. The challenge of finding an instrument that is affordable yet provides sound, playability and reliability within a price range a novice (or the hopeful parent of a novice) is willing to pay is one that has vexed students and the family members who love them since budget instruments have been made. Flute teachers want a quality flute that is affordable for students. It needs to be reliable and offer great performance so that every new flute student can develop a great sound and excellent technique. Pearl has introduced the new PF500 series to meet this need.

The 525 Series features a hand-finished sterling silver embouchure plate and riser on silver plated headjoint, body, footjoint and mechanism. Just as you derive most of the benefits of a solid silver instrument from a solid silver headjoint, the sterling silver embouchure and riser deliver most of the benefits of a solid silver headjoint at a price that is quite modest. Now these flutes come with French pointed key arms giving even greater key pad seat reliability.

  • Silver plated head, keys, and body with sterling silver lip and riser
  • Closed-hole keys (split E, offset G).
  • Includes: case, cleaning rod


MME also provide a free first annual service of your new instrument ($100 value) to be completed between 11-13 months after purchase.

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