Pearl Quantz 505EUS Curved Head Student Flute


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Young starting player often have difficulty holding a full-sized flute which can cause discomfort in the neck and arms. The curved headjoint reduces the distance to the keys making it possible for a young flutist to hold the instrument without having to reach beyond his or her capabilities to play more comfortably.

As your child grows, they will shift to the straight headjoint. Pearl’s case is straight headjoint ready, so no need to purchase another case to accommodate the straight headjoint.
(The curved head joint comes in a small case which is stored in the front pocket of case cover- PF-505EUS comes with both straight and curved headjoints, and the straight head joint is stored in the main case, just as same as other regular flutes)

  • Silver Plated
  • Straight + Curved Headjoint
  • Offset G, split E
  • C Foot Joint
  • Closed Hole
  • Exclusive Pinless mechanism
  • Plastic hardshell case and wood cleaning rod


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