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pTrumpet is the only trumpet with a fully plastic valve system, which has been designed and developed to create unrivalled lightness, durability and sound quality. The patented lead pipe technology ensures a vibrant and focused sound. It is tough, taking knocks and bumps in its stride – thanks to its precision plastic engineering.

The pTrumpet is less than half the weight of a brass trumpet due to the plastic material throughout the whole instrument, so it’s ideal for the younger player and for all those who may have difficulty with the weight and balance, and is a great beginner instrument.

    • Pitched in Bb
    • Unique fully plastic valve system
    • One piece patented lead pipe
    • All plastic water-key
    • adjustable main tuning slide
    • Adjustable 1st and 3rd valve tuning slides
    • Weighs just 500g
    • Right hand little finger rest
    • Works with any standard trumpet mouthpiece
    • Fabric carry bag
    • Available in blue, red, white, black, yellow and green

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