Saxholder Pro Harness


The traditional sax harness transfers the whole weight of the instrument to the neck. By the time many performers complain of chronic neck pain, there may even be damage to the cervical spine. Saxholder is a patented three-point support system. The whole weight of the sax is transferred onto the two padded shoulder handles with assistance from the stomac plate. This seems unusual at the first moment but after a while you shall notice the difference: the instrument seems weightless. While playing away from your body the right thumb will become less tired than when using a conventional strap or harness.

Saxholder is suitable for baritone, tenor, alto and soprano sax, bass clarinet and bassoon.

The saxholder comes complete with a replacement cord (for use with bassoon or bass clarinet), users manual and bag/pouch (Saxholder fits well in the bell of the bari or tenor sax).

The Saxholder is a high-tech product, that uses aircraft and aerospace travel materials: it is manufactured from fibre-reinforced high performance plastic and aircraft aluminum. The cord is a strong regatta cord, breaking load 250 kg. The hook is made of stainless steel coated with plastic. This gives the best possible security against a break. The weight of the Saxholder in use is only 180gm.

The Saxholder size M is for children from 12 years on and for adults not heavier than 100 kg and/or not taller than 190 cm. 

The Saxholder size XL is for players heavier than 100 kg and/or taller than 190 cm


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