Schagerl Model 66 Tenor Saxophone – Unlacquered


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Schagerl Model 66 professional saxophones are at the top of the worlds best saxophones. Musicians have said that Model 66 is a "players horn", an instrument for the working musician who must perform in a variety of styles to make a good living. Saxophonists are always looking for the "X Factor" in an instrument, a quality that sets a saxophone apart from others. Schagerl saxophones offer the player flexibility of tone, and a warm radiating sound that many have said they can "feel in their bones and feet". And isn't this exactly what an instrumentalist strives for, a way to personally connect with an audience? Schagerl saxophones are incredibly powerful, yet able to get the sweet, wet and sensual sound that will always make saxophones a popular instrument.

Not to leave aesthetics out of the equation, the Superior saxophone also boasts some very attractive finishes and engraving.

  • Model 66V: unlacquered, vintage design, standard engraving, without high F#-key
  • RRP: $4,499

The instrument comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. Every instrument purchased at McKenzie Music Etcetera comes with a free six-month checkup, as well as 10% off its first annual service.


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