Trevor James ‘The Horn’ Alto Saxophone


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Trevor James ‘The Horn’ Alto Sax for the beginning or returning player.

Launched in 2019 and based on the original award winning TJ ‘Horn’ sax design of the late 1980s, this ergonomically enhanced sax will not only help you develop your own sound, but will also encourage you to further explore what the instrument can do. In keeping with their quality design and manufacturing baseline, this saxophone is built using the highest quality materials and then further quality-checked at TJ’s technical workshops in Lenham. Trevor James instruments are finished and setup by English technicians. 

  • Key of Eb
  • Range Bb3 to F#5 (Concert Pitch: Db3 to A5)
  • F# Key
  • Slick key-work with blue steel needle springs allows the player to get around the instrument quickly
  • Metal reflectors – give clear, bright response
  • Free blowing, solid build, great starter instrument
  • Case, mouthpiece & ligature included 

Every instrument purchased at McKenzie Music Etcetera comes with a free first annual service (valued at $140) to be completed 11-13 months after purchase.


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