Vandoren Optimum Ligature


With Vandoren's Optimum ligature, you'll find that more and more reeds perform to your expectations. Three interchangeable pressure plates adjust for the sound, style, and musical piece you're performing while precise and rapid tightening is allowed by a unique double-track screw mechanism, which tightens both sides of the ligature equally. Vertical and symmetrical tightening adjusts easily on the mouthpiece and allows the reed to remain exactly in place. Neither the reed nor the ligature is compressed at the sides. The collar around the mouthpiece remains independent of the area in contact with the reed, allowing the vibrations of the reed to develop without interference.

This is Gavin's choice of ligature (he owns one for tenor sax, alto sax and clarinet!) and we're sure you'll love it too! Drop into the store to try one out.


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