Our instruments bring us much joy, and keeping them in good condition is a crucial factor to keeping them sounding and performing at their best. We recommend servicing your instrument every 12-18 months, and here are some of the reasons why!

1. It Ain’t Gonna Clean Itself!

Let’s be honest; we all know that our instruments can get pretty dirty. With years of playing, saliva, sweat, and other yucky stuff will accumulate inside the instrument and can result in major malfunctions. Even with a good at-home cleaning regime, your instrument still needs a professional clean.

We don’t like to admit it, but over time, our instruments can become a breeding ground for bacteria. #shudder

A professional service can remove the gunk breeding in that area, keeping us healthier, and our instruments happier. After all, who wants to play an infected instrument? Not us.

Depending on the instrument and the level of grottiness will depend on the type of clean your instrument needs, but all services include a standard clean and will prevent build up of all that gross stuff. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard of a self-cleaning instrument yet.

2. Play Smooth Sounds Through Smooth Mechanics

Ever felt like your instrument wasn’t playing as smoothly as it could? That’s because over time, the mechanics of an instrument start getting worn down with playing and aging. A regular service can ensure the mechanics and tuning of your instrument is in tip-top condition, making it easier to play better sounding music. Better sounds = happier musicians!

3. Catch Small Issues Before They Become BIG Issues.

Regular servicing means that your technician is keeping on top of the preventative maintenance that prevents you having to spend big bucks on full overhauls or major problems. Replacing the odd pad or cork in your regular service is going to cost a lot less than waiting years and then needing to do a full re-pad on your instrument. For brass instruments, slides will be less likely to seize (or will be easier to free) and old lubricant build up will be removed before it causes more permanent problems!

4. Protect Your Musical Investment

Lastly, your instrument is an investment, and it needs the same love and care that any other investment would. A regular service will help extend the life of your instrument, protect its monetary value, and keep it performing for you in the best condition possible.

So, there you have it! Four reasons why you should regularly service your brass or woodwind instrument. From better sounds to a healthier you, regular maintenance is essential. Your instrument is your musical partner, and you don’t want to let it down; so give it the TLC it deserves!